Erica + Dan

Thank you for considering placement of your child for adoption and taking the time to read our profile and getting to know us better. We recognize this decision must be difficult for you, but we hope that this experience will be a positive one. While we have not met you yet, we know that you must be brave, caring, and selfless. We would love the opportunity to become parents and have tons of love to share with a child. We are so appreciative of the opportunity that you might provide us. We cannot imagine the circumstances leading to this decision, but we hope that it will be positive, peaceful, and rewarding. Our hope is you get to know us through this book, and we welcome the opportunity to get to know you better too.

Our Story

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We met while attending law school in California in the summer of 2010. Our first date involved delicious pizza and watching a Pittsburgh Steelers football game. When we were dating, we enjoyed going to dinner and watching movies together. This really hasn't changed much since we've been together.

During the last two years of school and living together, we had a simple life. We were both working hard, studying, and trying to graduate. We enjoyed hanging out at the pool in our apartment complex, grilling hot dogs, and spending time together. Some of our favorite memories during this time are going to three "law school proms" together and taking early morning walks at the beach. After dating for three years, we got married and moved from California to Texas to be closer to family. 2013 was a big year for us. We passed the Bar Exam to become attorneys and got married! Three words that describe our relationship are: love, fun, and adventure.

Meet Erica

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I was born and raised in Southern California and am a huge Disney fanatic (seriously, HUGE). I love the outdoors, especially the beach. I am a transaction attorney and am fortunate enough to work from home. I also love animals and had many different pets growing up. One of my favorite things to do when Dan and I travel is to visit zoos and aquariums. I come from a small family, but we are all very close, even though we live far apart. Like Dan, I have family all over the world, but mostly Southern California. I count my cousins among my best friends. Every year we enjoy travelling to visit each other and spending holidays together. Our whole family is very supportive and excited to welcome a child, who will be the first of their generation on my side of the family! I also enjoy travelling to new places and have a goal to visit all the National Parks. These experiences and places are ones I hope to share with our child. Other activities I enjoy are reading, watching documentaries, and exercising (although I do not do it as much as I should). I collect Disney pins. I love riding my bike through the trails and parks in our neighborhood and spending time doing anything with our dog. I also enjoy playing board games with friends and family. Two of my favorite board games are Trivial Pursuit and Codenames. I hope to share my love of adventure and nature with our child and will encourage them and provide them with as many tools as I can for them to pursue their own unique interests, whatever those may be.

Our Travels

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We love going on trips to places all over the world. We have been fortunate enough to go to Europe, Alaska, the Caribbean, and various cities across the United States. One of our favorite trips was a road trip to the College World Series in Omaha, Nebraska, where we also visited the Omaha Zoo. We love to go on Disney cruises together and cannot wait to share those experiences with our child. We have been to the Bahamas, Mexico, Jamaica and Disney's private island. We also went on a European cruise around the Mediterranean Sea. We love to travel and enjoy the outdoors. While travelling we like to relax on the beach, but also to learn about the local cultures and try different foods.

Meet Dan

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I was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I moved to Texas when I was nine years old. I am very close with my family. I have family all over the world, but primarily in Puerto Rico and Texas. I am an older brother to my younger sister, who is two years younger than me. I am an attorney practicing primarily civil litigation. I love sports and I enjoy exercise. I love to workout and play golf. I really enjoy attending baseball, football, and basketball games. I enjoy our home theatre and video games. My favorite movie is a tie between the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, all eight Harry Potter movies, and the Dark Knight trilogy. My favorite TV shows are Star Trek: TNG and DS9 and I love The Office. My favorite sports teams are the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Pittsburgh Steelers. I have always envisioned myself as a father and I cannot wait to be a fun and loving dad!

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