Erica + Chris

We hope that by its end you'll come away feeling like a part of our family and can see us as part of your story as well. The choice you are facing right now is inconceivable. We can't imagine the difficulty of your situation, but we recognize its magnitude, and we respect and admire you for considering adoption for your child. Your bravery and selflessness are without equal. If you decide that adoption will provide the best life for your child, be confident in knowing that the family you choose will be the right one for them. We hope that no matter the path you take, you are surrounded by those you love and have the support you need. If you choose our family to parent your child, we will dedicate our lives to enriching theirs, showing them love each and every day, and doing everything in our power to keep them happy, healthy, and safe.

Our Story

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We met in early 2008 while working at the Apple Store. The magnetism was immediate. We were drawn to each other's sense of humor, adventure, and outgoing spontaneity. As our friendship blossomed, it became increasingly rare to find us apart. Even during periods of time where we were in separate relationships, we often double dated. So the only surprise when we began seeing each other in 2013 was that it hadn't happened sooner. The next four years were one endless adventure. We shared a love of traveling, and when we weren't on one trip, we were planning the next. In 2016, while crossing Paris off of our list of destination cities, Chris proposed to Erica on the steps of Sacr?-Coeur Basilica. We were married the following July in the presence of our many friends and extensive families.

Meet Erica

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It would be an understatement to say Erica enjoys crafting. This may be a common hobby for many, but Erica is on a different level. This isn't your grandma's glue and glitter. She makes the most intricate pop-up birthday cards, to epoxy tumblers, to leather handbags that rival the quality of anything you'd see in store. She has sold many of her crafts on Etsy, and has contributed to a number of family weddings with her creative skill. She is serious about crafting and the things she makes are beautiful. Family looks forward to receiving cards for special occasions, and gifts are often handmade. Some of my most cherished leather watch bands were made by her. She has an entire room dedicated to crafting, with meticulously organized bins, racks, and drawers, tools that no one has ever heard of, and machines that barely make sense. But she knows where everything is and is a master of each and every gadget. Erica also loves to cook. Taking cues from her Nonna, everything is made from scratch. Themed birthday cakes for her nephews complete with brightly colored fondant. Sunday morning pancakes with chocolate chips - because she knows I'm a child at heart (and at the breakfast table). You won't find pasta from a box or sauce from a jar in our pantry. Erica's meatloaf is family-famous and her lasagna is on par with her Nonna's (although Nonna will tell you differently!) Erica loves baseball and one of her favorite pastimes is to catch a game. She's right at home in the cheapest bleacher seats, shouting and cheering on her favorite team. At away games we may be the rival fans, but she's loud and proud nonetheless, and she'll befriend those around us despite our allegiances. She can turn the least desirable seats into the most envied location and has been the star of the Jumbotron on more than one occasion. She has a favorite team T-shirt that is more than a decade old, and despite my trying to replace it she just won't give it up. Erica is loyal through and through. Not only to her T-shirt, but to her family and friends. The line between the two is non-existent, and she will bend over backwards for them. She is selfless and true to those she loves. She has a very tight-knit group of friends that dates back to her years in the city. Although they have moved, they have not gone their separate ways. There are miles between some and states between others, but they talk and text every single day, and will be there for each other at a moment's notice. It isn't an exaggeration that, on more than one occasion, they have been there for each other by means of a last-minute airplane ticket and an impromptu costume party. Erica is truly one of a kind and I am so lucky to have her in my life. She is loving, considerate, and generous. Her presence will light up a room. She gives so much of herself and will no doubt make an excellent mother. I can't wait to see how she takes on and redefines that role.

Our Adventures

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Travel is a huge part of our lives. Seeing new places and experiencing different cultures, food, and history are an outlet for our wonder. We love creating memories this way and when we return home, we choose our best photos from our trip and have a book, much like this one, printed to commemorate the experience. We have a decorative map on a wall in our house that allows us to place a pin on every country we've traveled to. We would love to one day run out of pins. When we aren't traveling you're likely to find us walking our pups along the bike path, cooking together, or just keeping each other company while running errands. We keep ourselves entertained and are always laughing. In the car, we'll make up silly games, and we probably look like we're nuts when acting out a scene from a movie while at a red light or singing along to songs on the radio in our most cartoonish voices. We are best friends and really just love to spend time together.

Meet Chris

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Chris can often be found on weekends working on different projects around the house or woodworking. He loves to build picture frames and small pieces of furniture. Having gone to school for audio production and sound design, Chris also enjoys writing and recording his own music. He has a number of guitars and synthesizers and will spend hours playing and creating music. He carries a field recorder wherever he goes (even on vacations) and will often stop what he's doing to record the sound of something that might otherwise go unnoticed. Many people have photos from their trips, but how many do you know that have a picture for their ears? Chris is a bit of a prankster and loves a good practical joke. An old roommate and very close friend of his, Jesse, knows this all too well. When Chris and I were dating I looked forward to April Fool's Day, when Chris would attempt to pull off some elaborate stunt at Jesse's expense. From sending him on a scavenger hunt to free his laptop from a toilet to which it had been locked, to filling his bedroom with hundreds of balloons while he was at work, it always coupled meticulous planning with lighthearted humor. To this day Chris continues to brainstorm his April Fool's mischief, while Jesse takes the day off from work and hunkers down behind locked doors. The two of them are like brothers and have an unbreakable friendship. One of Chris' favorite events is an annual agricultural fair. He has been going yearly since childhood and to this day will not leave until we see the butter sculpture. A highlight of the trip are the many farm animals and animal shows. He will make a point to say hello to every pig and sheep. An elephant gives rides to children, and it is this very same elephant he rode at five years old. Stopping to look at every booth is mandatory. We can't miss any of the interesting food or unique crafts the vendors have to offer. There are rides, games, and music too. And of course the fair is a good excuse for a bit of junk food - there is no shortage of fried foods, from deep fried Oreos and ice cream, to funnel cakes and cheese curds. Chris is the most caring and loving person I know, and I could not imagine navigating life without him. He is hardworking and has a strong moral code, but is also playful, lighthearted, and funny. He makes me laugh like no one else can. He has the heart and curiosity of a child and finds magic in every moment. I know how excited he is for parenthood and to build a family, and I cannot wait to see what an amazing dad he will become.

Our Pets

There are three members of our family that are excited for a sibling. Our cat, Killer, is a Himalayan with long white and grey fur. Don't let her name fool you - she's never been convicted! Her relationship with Erica predates Chris. Despite her intimidating name,she is just a talkative old lady. When she's not asking for pets, she enjoys sleeping, and sleeping, and sleeping. We also have two French Bulldogs named Breakfast and Bruce. They both recently turned two but are not related. Their personalities could not be more different. Bruce loves to cuddle and would like nothing more than to eat and nap. He will lay down on anything soft and promptly call it a day. He will do anything for a treat and if you say the T word in front of him, he won't let you forget it. Breakfast, on the other hand, never seems to run out of energy. For him, it's playtime all the time. He loves to play fetch, do tricks, and play tug with his toys. He will dart across the lawn after a tennis ball as long as you let him, and when he comes in from a good session he smiles like he's the happiest pup in the world.

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