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I'm Elise, and this is Cory. It's nice to meet you! I know it's very strange for us to be meeting this way, but know that as I am writing this, I'm thinking of you. I'm imagining what you look like. What drives you? What makes you smile? If you're reading this, I can only assume you're in the middle of making a very difficult and overwhelming decision. Thank you for considering us to be a part of yours and your child's life

This Is Us

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We met when we were 18 in our first art class in college. We started dating two months later, and have been together ever since. Our love blossomed through those first four years, and after college, I, Elise, went to work as a designer, and Cory went to grad school. Though a long distance relationship was tough, it made us even stronger as a couple. After Cory graduated with his Masters in Fine Art, we married and began our lives together as a married couple. We've been together since 2006, and married since 2015.

We always knew that we were going to adopt.

We have so much love to share! Cory's grandfather was adopted, and without him in Cory's life, Cory would not be the strong man he is today.

Meet Elise

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"Elise, the middle of three girls, grew up attending mass weekly, and believes that God has a plan and unique gifts for all of us. She is close with her family, and lives within 2 hours of her whole extended family. She received a Bachelors in Fine Art and works as a designer. Elise learned how to grow fruits and vegetables from her father, and often keeps a backyard garden." - Cory

I love gardening and crafts. I grew up helping my father tend his backyard garden and helping my mother cook large home cooked meals. As an adult, I love cooking, and I'm looking forward to starting my winter garden this year. For the summer, I keep a much smaller garden as it's too hot during the summer months to really keep it thriving.

For crafts, I am an avid crocheter. My mother taught me and she learned from her mother. I've already made one afghan for our future child, and I'm working on a second, with the yarn already bought for the third. I also enjoy weaving on my loom and sewing. I'm teaching myself how to quilt as well.

Meet Cory

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"Cory, an only child, grew up attending Catholic Schools, which greatly helped shape his faith. He is close with his family, and considers his cousins his sisters and brothers. He received a Masters Degree in Fine Art and currently teaches art at a local college. Cory is a sculptor and a jeweler and makes necklaces, earrings, and bracelets in his spare time. He made me a beautiful, custom engagement ring." -Elise

I am a sculptor and metalsmith. I like to challenge myself by researching new art making techniques, and teaching myself how to do it. I am skilled in woodworking and approach every project with care and attention to detail. I have a wanderlust, and enjoy exploring new places with Elise. My most recent trip with Elise was to Tokyo and Kyoto, which was amazing!

Some of my favorite moments were the two of us getting lost in the side streets, having missed our train or taken the wrong direction. We were in a new country, in a new culture, finding our way, and it wasn't scary because we were together. I try to always see the joy in the world, because without joy, life would be really boring!

Our Home

We live in the bayou region in Louisiana. We are surrounded by amazing family and friends who offer great support and encouragement to us!

A bayou runs the length of our parish which connects to a lake behind our home, where Cory and I like to Kayak. Within a mile of us there are forests, open fields, sugar cane fields, swamps, and marshes. We have a family of little bunnies that have taken up residence in our yard, much to our joy and Louis's dismay. During Mardi Gras, Cory's entire family gathers at his grandmother's house to watch parades.

Meet Louis

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When Louis is not lounging around the house and getting belly rubs, he enjoys chasing squirrels and rabbits in our back yard, though he will never catch one. Louis is a 10 pound mix of Yorkie and something with long legs. He was recently adopted from a rescue who rescued him from a kill shelter. Louis loves his 3 and 1 year old human cousins, and is a gentleman around children. He brings such love and joy into our lives, and we feel so blessed to have his furry self in our lives.

FUN FACT: He can sit and come on command, when treats are involved, and is learning how to shake with his paw. He's kind of the best dog ever. He's also very food motivated, but then again, aren't we all?

Our Promise

Now that we have shared many things about us, we hope to have the amazing opportunity for us to get to know you as well. We want to learn about your life, and hear your hopes and dreams and those for your child. We want to learn about your family, culture, and the things that you hold close to your heart. We would like to create a lasting relationship built on openness and trust.

Before we go though, we do wish to make a few promises we have every intention of keeping! For your child, we wish to always be patient, kind and understanding. We promise to open up the world when everything seems small. We promise to be the strong and steady support to keep them grounded when life becomes overwhelming. We will always value education, provide opportunities for travel, and will keep a home filled with laughter.

We promise to provide structure and the intellectual freedom to think big, creative, and beautiful ideas. We promise to love without conditions and to speak of you in the most honoring and caring of ways, because after all, you are family! Last but not least, no one is perfect, but we promise to do our best in everything we do as parents!

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