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Hello! We are Chris and Amanda (Mandy). We are two goofy and lovable people excited to grow our family. Thank you for taking a moment to learn more about us. We hope our stories will make you laugh. We hope you may smile when you relate to some of our quirks, but most of all we hope you see the real us.

Where It All Began

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We met in January of 2014, just six months after Mandy moved to Texas. We met through mutual friends. Mandy's friend set her up with a guy that her boyfriend knew. When she showed her a picture of a guy who looked like he was in high school, Mandy thought he was too young. However, she still went out with her friend and her boyfriend since she didn't know many people yet. Mandy saw Chris and was immediately drawn to him. She thought in her head, "Why couldn't the setup have been with that guy?!" Turns out Chris WAS her date! For some reason they showed Mandy an old high school photo of him instead of a recent picture!

We spent the night talking and later that night, we began texting. We had our first true date a few days later. We bonded over How I Met Your Mother marathons, board games, and movie snuggles. On our two-year anniversary, we booked a trip to Nashville, which we were excited to visit for the first time. That weekend a blizzard came out of nowhere. Downtown Nashville was basically shut down. We spent the weekend wandering around Broadway Street trying to find things to do and places to stay warm. At one point, Chris kept moving towards the river even though he was complaining of how cold he was. He is from Texas, so anything below 60 degrees is cold for him :). As a New Yorker, Mandy was able to handle the cold and snow and was confused why Chris was not taking up her offer to go in somewhere to warm up.

Finally, we reached the river and Chris starts talking about the two of us and a light bulb went off. He then got down on one knee (in the snow!) and proposed. We were married in March of 2017 in Texas surrounded by our loved ones. It was the best weekend ever. We have now been married for three years and still continue our movie snuggles, Netflix marathons, and board game challenges that we started six years ago.

Why We Want To Adopt

I (Mandy) found out that I wouldn't be able to become pregnant when I was 16 years old. In order to wrap my head around what this would mean down the road, my mom and I related it to the show Friends. I could either be a Monica and adopt, or have a Phoebe through surrogacy. When Chris and I first started dating, I let him know on one of our first dates that I would not be able to have biological children. He was extremely supportive and accepting from the start! We talked about this more and more throughout the years, and we always veered towards growing our family through adoption.

As we started doing more research, we learned stories of family members' connections to Gladney and adoption. Chris's older half-sister is a birth mom. She made an adoption plan with her first baby at an early age through Gladney. We found out recently that Chris' grandmother (who has recently passed away) had been a transition home for infants through Gladney. Everywhere we turned, we spoke with more and more people who were adopted or were going through the adoption process. This assured us that we were making the right choice for us in this moment of time.

Meet Amanda...through Chris’s Eyes

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Amanda (Mandy) is amazing. She is my anchor and always pushes me to better myself. She also has the biggest heart of anyone I know. One example of this is Mandy volunteered at a preschool for homeless children every day after work for 3 years. She puts 100% herself into everything she does and it's amazing to watch her multitask and accomplish so much.

Mandy adores children. At parties, you can usually find her playing with the kids. Coming from a family who believes strongly in education, this has also become a deep passion for Mandy. Right now, she works as a preschool teacher for low income families. She loves helping the children grow and build their foundations for the future. And they love her. She was even employee of the month the first month that she started teaching!

Mandy also has the patience of a saint. After spending all day talking and working with 3 and 4-year olds, she will then come home and sit and let me talk forever about my day, even if I am repeating the same stories she heard when I called her on my way home.

Family means everything to her. One weekend we each had a cousin getting married, one in Texas and one in New York. Instead of telling her cousin that she wasn't able to make it, we flew into NY the afternoon of the wedding and left less than 24 hours later. She is one of the few people I know that has such a variety of close friend groups. I believe this is because she is so loyal and can get along with anyone she meets.

Mandy is obsessed with reading. I always find her curled up in the reading nook under a blanket with the entire house dark. Oftentimes, she hasn't realized that the sun has set. She'll sit and read book after book with her nieces. She loves reading a new book. Really, she isn't afraid to try new things period. Anything from a board game, video game or cooking a new recipe. And by the way, Mandy is an amazing cook. She cooks homemade meals every day after work. She can literally pull random things from the fridge and make it taste delicious. I now like foods that I wouldn't have dared look at before her.

Meet Chris...through Amanda's Eyes

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Chris completes me. He is the ying to my yang and makes me a better person. Chris can make me laugh like no other and he cannot stop smiling. Seriously, it's crazy that there is always a huge grin on his face and when he turns that smile on you, it makes you feel like you're his whole world.

Chris is always there to provide comfort after a long day and always willing to step in whenever you need help. He has cooked and done the dishes (even though we're supposed to split it) after many of my stressful days. He has helped, with a willing heart, move every single one of our friends at some point in our relationship. Everyone knows that Chris will drop everything to be there for you, with no questions asked.

Chris makes our lives fun. One of those is through his love of games; board games, lawn games, card games, etc. He beats me every time at Connect Four, but he cannot win at Battleship to save his life even though he knows "my tricks." He also isn't afraid to have Nerf gun battles as we chase each other around the kitchen island.

His enthusiasm in everything he does shines through like a bright light. Life would be dull without his smile and enthusiasm.

Our Home

We bought our home in November of 2018 in Texas. We weren't seriously looking to buy a house, just browsing online when the most perfect house popped up. It checked all the boxes on our "must have" list, which we honestly never thought could happen in a city. We have a large backyard, which reminds us of each of our childhoods. Our home is across from a lake, where Chris enjoys boating. Our home has such a unique character that we were drawn to and it just felt like home from the beginning. Our home exudes warmth, comfort, and has such great light at all hours of the day. We have three bedrooms, currently our master bedroom, a guest room, and the to-be nursery. The rooms are all right next to each other, which we love so that our room is easy access for those late-night feeds. We have a large kitchen with an attached dining space, which is perfect because it's the usual hangout spot for when we have friends and family over. The best part of the house though is our reading nook. At the front of our house is a circular room with floor to ceiling windows which overlooks part of the lake. Here we have a large overstuffed chair that is perfect to curl up in, listen to our record player play some oldies, and top it off with a blanket for those random cold Texas nights. This is where we imagine the playroom will be with books and toys strewn everywhere.

You will find all throughout our house, pictures and keepsakes. All our decor has meaning to us in some way. We have a lot of passed down knickknacks or items family members have made us throughout the years. I'm also a vintage freak and my mom and I have been collecting antique items together for years. I love when items have history and a story to them.

Before You Go

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Before you go, we have a few things we wish to promise and share with you if you do end up deciding we are the family you wish to raise your child.

We promise to love your child with all our hearts, to tell them those words daily, and to show that same love in every action. We promise to support and cheer them on in whatever their hearts desires. We promise to value their ideas, thoughts, and perspectives. We promise to be a safe place for them to find comfort. We promise to raise them with respect and kindness towards all people.

We promise that your child will be showered with love through our families and friends. We promise to have fun and to enjoy and value the small things. We promise to provide comfort to them in their times of need and sadness. We promise to read to them at night and not be afraid to add in silly voices so they can get the full effect of the book!

We promise to kiss their cuts and bruises when they fall. We will take them on adventures and dance around the house while singing at the top of our lungs. We promise to always take time to play games, inside and outside.

We promise to honor you every day and that your child will know who you are. We promise to respect your heritage and culture in many ways. We want to come together with you and decide on what a good level of openness would be. We promise to always be open and willing to make adjustments so that your child's needs are met first!

With love, Mandy and Chris

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