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Nice to meet you! We are grateful that our paths have crossed in this little way. We come to parenthood knowing that we do not know everything. As a nurse, Alyssa comes bearing a healthy dose of caution. As an attorney, Brian comes bearing a desire to teach the golden rule, "Treat people how you would like to be treated." We know that this snapshot of our lives may not answer all of your questions about us, or calm all of your worries about the future, but we do know that you are courageous, selfless, and strong. We pray for the happiness of you and your baby as you begin this new chapter of your life.

Hi there!

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Our names are Alyssa and Brian. Nice to meet you! Our hearts are full of thanks for you taking the time to read our profile. This is a small glimpse into the life that we've created in preparing for this special moment where our lives could grow in size and in love.

We know that these snapshots may not answer all of your questions about us, or calm all of your worries about the future; perhaps that only will come in time. But, while we do not know anything about you and our minds are grappling with the uncertainty of our future as well, we know without a shadow of a doubt that you are courageous, selfless, and strong as you consider what the future may look like for you and your baby.

We are grateful that our paths have crossed in this little way. We pray for the happiness of you and your baby as you begin this new chapter of your life.

Our Story

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We met while studying in Egypt over ten years ago and became fast friends. We were just two college kids then, learning about the world around us. Our hearts were filled with endless hopes and dreams. Little did we know that the future held a love story. We were friends for 5 years before we began dating. We stayed in touch over those early years by meeting up for dinner every now and then to reminiscence about our travels in Egypt. We began dating while Brian was in law school and Alyssa was working in research.

While dating we continued our love for travel and visited Argentina, Turkey, and Uruguay. True to our love of food, in Argentina we ate a dozen large empanadas in one sitting. We got engaged on our second anniversary of dating. In a sweet surprise, Brian took Alyssa to a beautiful park and proposed. He also made a special book that looked back at their entire relationship. We were married a year later. Since getting married we have grown in faith, love, and friendship. We put each other before everything else. If Alyssa is swamped with school work, Brian will cook dinner and do the dishes. If Brian has a late night teaching, Alyssa will take out the garbage and prepare his favorite meal. We share chores and responsibilities. We relish our time together and love spending time outdoors in nature and recently went on a local bird watching trip. We know that God has a special plan for our life together and we are excited to see what He has in store.

Why Adoption?

Adoption has enriched our lives in countless ways. Alyssa has two adopted cousins and Brian has several close friends who are adopted. We can't imagine our lives without these incredible people and the tremendous gift of love their birth parents gave to them.

God brought us to the decision to adopt after struggling with infertility. Out of heartache, we found true peace in our decision. While we have come to terms with the biggest decision of our life, we know that it pales in comparison to the one that you are grappling with now. The fears, questions, and uncertainty that may be racing through your mind are unimaginable. We understand that the decision you are making takes time and reflection and that this profilemay not provide you with all that you need to know.


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"Alyssa is the kindest, most generous person I know. She has a hilarious sense of humor and is always making people smile and laugh with her jokes and impressions. Alyssa grew up in Long Island alongside two sisters. Her mom raised the three of them alone after her father left. Alyssa struggled with coming from a home filled with heartbreak and instability. There were many nights where she would cry herself to sleep. She knew in her heart that God had a bigger plan for her; one where she could follow her dreams of helping those in need and to travel the world. In high school, Alyssa studied in a small town in Mexico and learned to speak Spanish fluently. It was there that she fell in love with different cultures, traditions, and languages. Along the way, she grew to learn some Arabic and American Sign Language, as well. Alyssa loves school and graduated second in her college class. Today she is a registered nurse in an intensive care unit working in one of the most prestigious medical centers in the country. She is currently pursuing her Master's degree to become a Nurse Practitioner."- Brian

Alyssa shares- My favorite music is by Mana, a Mexican pop rock band. People sometimes find it funny that my favorite music is in Spanish, but I love how expressive the music is. I also love music by Billy Joel and John Denver. That's the music my mom would put on in the house when we were little girls and were getting ready for celebrations. My mom calls me "Granny." She has called me this nickname since I was a little girl. I was always the one going to bed early and taking naps, telling the other kids to calm down, and being the person people would come to with their troubles. My mother is my best friend (aside from Brian, of course). We can easily spend an hour on the phone laughing together. She is the strongest person I know. I pray that I will have her strength and determination when I become a mother one day.


"Brian is honest, reliable, and patient. He is an incredible teacher and his students prefer him to their other professors! Brian is the most caring man I've ever known. He puts others above himself, always. He sees the good in all people and seeks justice where it is lacking. Brian is the man I've always dreamed that my child could call dad. Brian has many friends; most of which he has had since childhood. Brian developed a strong sense of community in high school. He was the president of his class, he played tennis, acted in school musicals, and participated in Model United Nations. After high school, Brian attended college in Boston where he studied political science and Middle Eastern Studies. He was active in student government in college. While studying abroad in Cairo, Brian and I met. After college, Brian attended law school in New Jersey, where much of his time was dedicated to assisting people who could not afford legal representation. Law school instilled a strong sense of justice in Brian. Brian worked at a law firm after graduating from law school but now works in the public sector."- Alyssa

Brian shares- My favorite place is South Africa. We traveled there for our honeymoon, but I also love traveling around our many local lakes. I love music in Spanish and Arabic as well as bluegrass, folk, church music, and anything by Fleetwood Mac. During high school, I sported a large curly hairstyle that many people thought was a wig.

Our Home

Our home is in a quiet cul-de-sac with a big backyard and lots of room to play. Each spring we start a family garden filled with veggies and pumpkins that pop just in time for Halloween. We also live within walking distance to the local elementary school. Our area is filled with people who walk with their dogs and kids running through sprinklers in the summertime. The baby nursery we have set up in our home overlooks our backyard and has a mural that teaches about different countries and animals. We have a cozy fireplace that our pup Lupe loves to sit near on cold winter nights and an old-fashioned radio that we like to listen to when we're cleaning up around the house.


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Guadalupe is our rambunctious petite Goldendoodle. We brought her home shortly after we moved into our house and our lives haven't been the same since. There is NEVER a dull moment with Lupe. She cannot wait to go on long walks and play frisbee in our big backyard with a little one around the house.

Our Promise to You

If you choose us to parent your baby, we promise to ensure that your child always knows where they came from and the woman who gave them life. We promise to communicate with you to the extent that you feel comfortable. Above all things, we promise to love your baby with all of our hearts. We will nurture your baby to grow into a kind person with a gentle way. We promise to guide them to make the right choices and to expand their minds. We will encourage them to always have hope.

We look forward to introducing your child to ice cream and how to keep it from dripping down the sides of a cone. We long to spend nights working together on science projects that fill our kitchen table with glitter and smears of paint. We hope to watch the evening news together, learning about the world around us and the work that needs to be done to make it a better place. We are excited to celebrate birthdays and holidays that are centered around family, good food, and laughter. We crave spending time together, traveling, and adding more stamps to our passports. We want to experience those sometimes-rocky teenage years where we can share the mistakes that we have made along the way. We are hopeful to go to church together on quiet Sundays, to bow our heads as a family, and to thank God for uniting us with people like you.

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