Ashley + Josh

Thank you for taking the time to review this book to learn a little about us. The decision you are having to make comes with so many emotions and feelings, but also with so much love. We are praying for you and your child, no matter what that outcome looks like. You are such a strong woman/team to explore such an opportunity for your little one. We hope that as you navigate this process and decision that you will go with your gut on what is best for you and your child.

Why Adoption

The journey for us to choose adoption to grow our family has been years in the making. We have struggled with infertility and multiple miscarriages for almost 10 years. With the pain of not being able to conceive a child, it has made us stronger as individuals and has strengthened our marriage. We really had to grieve the loss of pregnancy, the loss of genetics, and the loss of the little ones we did actually lose to miscarriage. All we want is to be parents, and to be the best parents that we can be. We have so much love to give, and we are excited to grow our family through love!

Our Story

“Our Story” Image

Josh was a mall cop, bounty hat and all; and Ashley worked at the mall coffee shop. Josh was a frequent customer since he can only function with coffee. We instantly became friends. From the moment Ashley met Josh she told her friends she was "going to marry that man". After about a year of being friends we began to date and have been together ever since. We dated for 2 years and then got engaged once Ashley graduated college. We were engaged for 1 year while Josh was deployed overseas with the Army. We got married in November of 2009 after Josh returned from his military deployment.

We love to go on dates, anywhere and everywhere. Some of our favorite dates have been to breweries, comedy clubs, festivals, hockey games and the movies. We love to go out and have a good time; if it sounds fun and adventurous, we are all in! We recently started to try out archery and have really enjoyed it.

We are a team in everything that we do unless we are playing a board game then it is game on! The love and support we have for each other has allowed us to overcome any hurdle that has run across our path.

Meet Josh

Josh is the biggest bearded teddy bear you will ever meet. He is truly the sweetest man with the biggest heart.

Three words to describe Josh: goofy, lovable, and sincere.

He has a passion for art and is working on finishing his bachelor's degree with a Studio Fine Arts concentration, all while still working full time. He served in the National Guard and Army for 12 years and had 2 tours overseas. He is a closet-nerd who loves Star Wars, science fiction/fantasy shows and games, and Dungeons and Dragons.

Meet Ashley

What can you say about Ashley? Sweet and Spicy are the 2 words that come to mind.

Strong work ethic as a Senior Consultant for a large automobile manufacturer. She loves things like mani/pedis, brunch with the girls, and all things sparkly. She has a heart for others which sparked the pursuit of a degree in sociology. She has the biggest heart in the world but is secretly competitive in games.

Our Home

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We have been in our home for almost 10 years, and we love it! We have recently been doing some renovations to put our spin on it. On our street, our neighborhood has a pool and playground that is a lot of fun when the weather is nice. We have 2 living rooms, one of which we use as more of our "media room" where we play video games and watch movies. We are on the corner, so we have a really nice size background that has hosted many egg hunts at Easter and BBQs.

Our Pets

We are proud cat parents, and our girls are the absolute best! We have 2 calicos who are named Roxy and Penny. Penny is the chunky monkey who loves to cuddle you to death. Roxy is our daredevil who will love you on her terms. We have a llama tower that they love to sleep in, and they also have a love for their pet mice. They never "pick up their toys", so our house usually has toy mice all over the place and or ends up in their water or food bowl.

Hobbies and Travel

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The most important thing is we love Hockey!! We have season tickets to our home team and love every minute of it. We are also board game enthusiasts that host a regular game night with friends. We work out and motivate each other at our local gym several times a week. Josh has many hobbies that he enjoys by himself or with friends which include: Dungeons & Dragons, table-top strategy games, art, and reading. Ashley enjoys reading and hanging out with friends. Every year we go to a cabin by a lake with Ashley's immediate family. We swim, hike, play games, and eat a lot! We also like to take a trip, just the 2 of us somewhere every year. In the past we have done cruises, beaches, and road trips. We love to travel with friends, family, and just each other. Our goal is to see the world and get immersed in the culture to create lifelong memories.

Our Traditions

Holidays are usually spent with lots of family and never skimping on the food. We enjoy random gift exchanges at Christmas, egg hunts at Easter, and pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving. Birthdays are always a special day for anyone in the household (one year this included a gift at every waking hour). We also like to celebrate each other by ensuring that we spend time reconnecting with regular date nights. We are looking forward to starting new traditions whether that's traveling, festivals, or to a nightly family dinner at the table.

Our Families

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Family is extremely important to us and thankfully since our family is local, we have ample opportunities for family bonding time. We love to get together with our family more than just at holiday time. We enjoy family BBQs, celebrations, games, vacations, and the impromptu ice cream run.

We have 2 nieces and 1 nephew, and we enjoy getting to be the fun Aunt and Uncle.

Family vacations are taken every year with Ashley's family at a cabin. This is one of the most treasured vacations in the summer. We play, we eat, and we laugh. Good times and Good Memories.

Our Promises

Thank you for taking your time to get to know a little more about us. Expanding our family will truly be a dream come true for us. We promise our love, support, and patience to this child, to this family, and to see that this child's dreams come true.

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