Andrew & Hannah

Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us a little. We want to say THANK YOU for the incredibly selfless decision you are considering. We believe that you are so very brave and courageous. We know this must be such a difficult decision and we can't even begin to understand all that you are going through, but we are so honored that you would consider us to be a part of your journey and story. So, thank you!

Our Adoption Story

Our adoption story began 16 years ago when we were dating and talking about how we wanted to build our family. We have such a passion for adoption, and we are thrilled that 16 years later we are finally here! Andrew has eleven siblings who were adopted, and we have two nieces who were adopted so adoption has very much been a part of our lives even before now. We love adoption and are very passionate about all children having loving, healthy families. Even though we desired to have children many years ago we have been at peace with each season of our lives. We started trying to have biological children right after getting married with the plan being, to have biological and adopted children. After trying for a couple years and not getting pregnant we started talking about adoption. However, right around that time we decided to move to Guatemala. Since adoption wasn't an option at that time, we were happy with waiting to start our family and in the meantime, we were enjoying travelling, living overseas, and getting to serve and fight for people who couldn't fight for themselves. We have been back in Texas for a little over two years now and are getting to put down some roots. We are so excited for this next adventure together! We did find out that we have unexplained infertility and tried some fertility treatments without success. After doing a couple of different things we decided that adoption is how we want to build our family instead of pursuing further fertility treatments. We absolutely love adoption and are honored that it's going to be such a big part of our family's story.

A Little About Us

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We met in college and Andrew knew right away that he wanted to be with Hannah, but it took a couple of months to convince Hannah to date him. Once he did, we fell head over heels in love and have been in love every day since! After a year of dating, he proposed on Christmas Eve 2005. We married the next summer and have now been married for almost 15 years. We have had the best time being married and we have loved all the seasons of life we've gotten to go through together. We have gotten to live overseas and do work that we are very passionate about. For about four years, early in our marriage, we lived in Guatemala working with an NGO that helped empower and care for communities in rural areas. We also recently moved back from Guatemala again, after living there for a second time for over two years, to help plant a church there. We love Latin America, and we speak Spanish (Andrew fluently and Hannah conversationally). We are passionate about serving people and making the world more like heaven! We are both full-time pastors on staff at a large church, and we love our jobs. We are excited to raise a child in the incredible community we get to be a part of! Before becoming pastors, Andrew was a building contractor at his family's building business, which he loved getting to be a part of. Hannah is also a midwife, and even though she is not practicing right now she is passionate about helping, empowering and educating women. We both live our lives wholeheartedly and love getting to work together every day doing what we love!

Meet Andrew by Hannah

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I love getting to introduce Andrew to you. He is the most amazing man I have ever known! I've never met anyone like him, he is kind, loving, affectionate, humble and has such strong character. He is fun-loving and a great leader. Communication is very important to him and he's always quick to say he's sorry. He loves to be with friends, just hanging out or spending intentional time developing the leadership inside of someone. He's an incredible pastor and loves people so selflessly. He is always quick to do the right thing even if it's difficult. He deeply loves God and has a deep commitment to serving every person in his world. He's so full of life and has tons of energy. He loves working out, being active, and is always up for a new adventure. He LOVES the beach and could surf all day, every day. He also loves kayaking and swimming. He's always learning new things and his outlook on life is very positive. His favorite thing is making new friends and being with old friends. I'm so honored to get to be his wife and I cannot wait to see him be a dad!

Meet Hannah by Andrew

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I love introducing Hannah but honestly, she normally introduces herself. She is such a friendly and welcoming person, and it all starts with her smile... biggest smile in the whole State of Texas. Describing Hannah feels daunting because I have never met anyone like her... She loves to make everyone she meets feel like they are her close friend, and she hugs you the first time she meets you. But she is also such a girl-boss she is very detail oriented and thorough because it is another way that she can show people that she loves them. She loves showing her love to people by cooking for them. She probably makes a meal, of some sort, for someone, two or three times a week. She is hilarious and loves to laugh. Her humor is very quick and witty, but she still laughs at all my dumb jokes, which always makes me think that I'm funny. She loves, I mean loves, trying new things and going on adventures all over the world, she's always planning our next getaway. Hannah has the reputation with everyone who knows her that she would serve them in anyway and at any time. She proves the old saying "the best leaders, lead through serving the people that they are leading." She is such an amazing pastor and leader and I feel honored to get to lead alongside of her. She is for sure my best friend. Hannah has hundreds of good friends but unlike me (I have like 10 best friends) she only has two best friends. She is the type of person to have the same two best friends until she is old and grey. Hannah loves people, but her life is based on her relationship with the Lord. Her heart, humility, strength, love for life, and love for people comes from her love for Him. Honestly, you feel God's kindness through every interaction with Hannah. She is the most amazing person I know.

Where We Live

We think our home is so cozy and lovely! We are so grateful to have space to entertain, which we love doing. We also have a nice big fenced in backyard with lots of yard furniture so we can enjoy the twinkle lights in the evenings. We live in the city very close to the church where we work, the people we do life with, lots of great private schools, museums, parks and lakes. Most of our friends have kids (several have adopted as well!) so we are excited for our child to have lots of friends to grow up with. We love where we live, and love having a very diverse community that we're always learning from. We get to live very full, fun lives, and our child will as well.

Our Favorite Things to Do

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We love traveling and seeing new places, trying new things and learning about other cultures. We are active and both really enjoy being outside, whether we're lying on the beach, kayaking, or going for a walk or run. We both work out daily and it's an important value to us to be fit and healthy. Hannah loves cooking and most days makes homemade, healthy meals from scratch. We also love splurging for special occasions and Hannah enjoys the challenge of making gourmet pastries and desserts. Andrew loves grilling, so cooking dinner together is something we do often. We also love entertaining and having friends over. Andrew loves learning how to do new things and has recently picked up golfing. We enjoy a good movie out or at home. We love people and when we have free time, we usually spend it with our family or friends!

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us! We hope we get the opportunity to get to know you as well. We want to make a promise to you that we will love and care for your child in every way. He or she will grow up in a home that is full of love and joy, with parents who love each other. As parents we are committed to helping him or her grow, learn and flourish in every area of their life.

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