Alex + Jenn

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. We cannot imagine the feelings in your heart right now. We respect the person you are and hope you can feel that sentiment in our words. You probably have a lot weighing on your mind and we wish we could give you a big hug and talk with you over a cup of coffee! We think you are a strong and protective parent to consider adoption. We hope you experience peace as you navigate through this journey and decide what is best for your family.

Our Story

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We met 21 years ago at a call center we worked at while in college. We were young and didn't really know what we wanted out of life, but we knew we had something special between us. We dated and kept it light for a while but no matter what life threw at us, we always came back to each other.We decided to get more serious after graduating college because we knew we wanted to be with each other no matter what. Alex proposed on Christmas Eve in front of our Christmas tree! Our family and friends were so excited that we were finally getting married! We had a beautiful wedding in 2016, surrounded by our loved ones. We are best friends, as cheesy as that may sound, and have learned so much from each other through the years. We are easy-going people who truly love just being with each other. We like to be goofy and silly together and are always up for a new adventure. We take care of each other buy doing small things for each other that are actually big things to the other person. Alex buys Jenn flowers regularly and surprises her often with her favorite coffee creamer, perfume, or something she mentioned she wanted. Jenn loves to cook and try new recipes, which Alex appreciates and enjoys. Alex always makes sure Jenn has gas in her car each week because she hates having to stop. Jenn makes sure Alex has a healthy lunch for work and that his favorite juices and sodas are always stocked in the fridge. We're a team when it comes to housework and other chores. We make sure to have date nights a few times a month and alternate planning them. We take joy in the small things - sometimes that's dancing in the kitchen while cleaning or sharing our day over a meal.

Meet Jennifer

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Jenn is a natural caregiver. She is so nurturing in how she loves people. As her husband, I am often blown away by how much she gives. She is witty and can sneak a quote from Friends or any other show/movie into any conversation. She is protective and passionate when it comes to her loved ones. She can be sassy and quirky, and it makes me love her more. Jenn is usually the favorite amongst our nieces and nephews. She is smart, a great cook, and honest to a fault. She will tell you like it is but does so in a way that makes you want to be better. She is my biggest cheerleader and is always the one cheering on her friends and families in their endeavors.

Our Hobbies

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We love road trips and are always looking for new places to explore. One of our goals as parents is to make sure our child(ren) have experiences learning about the world. We want to take family trips each year and experience new places together! We love nature and love taking hikes and exploring new trails. We both enjoy cooking and trying out new recipes. Sometimes they are a success and sometimes not! We have fun with it even when the kitchen becomes a mess! Jenn loves to bake and does so often for family and friends - she even makes her own candy! Alex loves soccer and plays regularly with a group of friends. Alex loves comic books and books in general and often collects them.

Meet Alex

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Alex is hands down one of the kindest humans I know. He is patient in all he does and rarely gets flustered. He stays positive in all situations and always has a smile to give me when I'm feeling down. When I get anxious or worried about something, he is always there for me to talk it out and helps bring peace to my mind. Alex loves his family fiercely and has always done whatever it takes to make sure everyone is ok. Alex is a hard worker and has a level of integrity I've always admired. I lovingly say that he has all the "dad jokes", but they still make us laugh! He is not afraid to be goofy, or let his nieces paint his nails. He will dance with his nephews even as they laugh at him. Alex has always viewed us as a team and makes sure that he pitches in with chores around the house as well as plan special occasions/date nights for us. He is so easy going and becomes fast friends with anyone he meets. I am very proud to be his wife!

Our Traditions

One important tradition we've had since we've been together is looking at Christmas lights during the holidays. Jenn has such fond memories of doing this with her mom, so Alex has helped carry on the tradition. We go all over the metroplex every weekend in December doing so. We also try to make a trip each year to a tulip field and during the Fall, we always go to a pumpkin patch. We make Christmas cookies and Christmas candy together each year, too. We watch Hocus Pocus on Halloween and love to see all our nieces and nephews dressed up for trick or treating. Jenn loves to decorate for the holidays and even decorates the Christmas tree for other holidays. We've done a Valentine's tree, a Halloween tree, and an Easter tree. We are looking forward to having more room in our new house to have multiple Christmas trees and decorate even more for holidays! We can't wait to create new traditions in our new home with our future child(ren). We envision hanging stockings at Christmas, leaving cookies for Santa, and hiding Easter eggs in the back yard, to name a few.

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