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You are so loved! Our prayers are with you as you work to make the best decision for the both of you. While we know this is an emotional, overwhelming, and sometimes scary process for us all, our hope is that God is bringing us together for a reason - to unite your desire to give your child a warm, loving home and a bright future, and ours to share our life and love with another human being - to become parents. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our story. We hope we can hug your neck soon and hear more about your hopes and dreams for yourself and your baby!


We can't imagine the strength it took to get to this point in your journey, but we are thankful you are here! We feel deeply honored that you are considering including us as part of your life journey. While you are only beginning to learn about us, we can say with certainty that we believe you are incredibly courageous. The decision you are weighing in your mind and in your heart right now, is the ultimate portrayal of love and the most sacrificial act a parent could make for their child.

This is our story

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We met as young college students. Beth was 18 and Adam was 19. There was in instant connection and we started dating almost immediately. We continued to date through college, built a strong network of friends who are all still near and dear to us, and quickly fell in love. As Adam remembers, "She was smart, pretty and laughed at all my jokes." And from Beth "He just lit up a room when he walked in - everyone was drawn to him, including me." After graduation, it didn't take much for Adam to convince Beth to move to New England with him. Shortly thereafter, we were engaged and got married in Beth's hometown a year later. We have been married for 18 years now (wow!) and feel blessed to have built a loving and trusted partnership through which we have fully experienced what it means to love each other "in good times and in bad". Through it all, we have stuck together and always seem to find ourselves a bit stronger day after day.

Why adoption

Adoption has become our journey to finally realizing our dream of having a family. The adoption process has opened our eyes to the miracle that happens when loving people come together with one selfless goal in mind - the love, care and well-being of a child. We are honored to be a part of this process and excited for what the future holds.

Meet Beth, through Adam's eyes...

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With Beth, there is no question that family comes first. She grew up in such a unique situation being one of four in what I like to call the, "litter" and that had a profound impact on establishing the importance of family in her life. She is very close with all of her siblings and her parents, which usually makes for quite an occasion when they are all together. It was this foundation in family that made Beth the woman that she is today. Motherhood is something that Beth has yearned for many years. Her desire to be a mother is natural, instinctive. Almost as though it is the thing she was put on this earth to do. Beth is very caring and compassionate, always putting others before herself. She is also very strong emotionally and where others would have folded or given up, she has persevered. I believe these are a few of the many traits that she will share with a child that comes into our lives. The child will receive no shortage of love, lullabies (by Beth, I can't sing!), hugs, kisses, bedtime stories and support as they develop and grow. While there are few certainties in life, I am certain that Beth will be a wonderful mother.

Meet Adam, through Beth's eyes...

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Adam is a smart, hard-working, fun-loving, down-to-earth man who can easily light up any room. He is dedicated to the well-being of those around him and he is generous at heart. He makes me want to be a better human being every single day. Adam is the type of person who would give you the shirt off his back without a need for thanks or acknowledgment. He just genuinely cares for people. He has a sense of humor that can trigger a belly laugh, and his smile tells you he knows exactly what is most important in life. Adam is a local business owner and is committed to bettering our community by devoting much of his spare time and energy to the local chapter of Habitat for Humanity. When Adam isn't being a super hero at work or in the community, you can find him at home, snuggled up with me and the pups, puttering around doing house projects, losing himself in an antique store or a local flea market, or just enjoying whatever sports team happens to be playing on TV at that moment. I've been lucky enough to weather so much of life beside this man - from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows. And through it all, he has been there to lift me up and has taught me one of life's most valuable lessons: With a little hard work and a positive outlook, anything is possible. I most definitely won the lottery with this guy. He is going to make the best Dad ever.

Our beloved pups

We have two amazing dogs, Duncan and Delilah. Duncan is our 12 year old Black Lab. We call him our "old man" as he's getting up there in dog years. Still, his spirit is strong and he gives the best doggie kisses. Delilah is our 5 year old German Short-Haired Pointer. She is full of energy, but mostly just wants to give you her love and attention. Both like to be outdoors; running in the yard, or swimming at the lake. And when they aren't soaking up the sun, they just want to be near you; snuggled up and sharing their love. They have grown up around our nieces, nephews and Godchildren and they love kids of all ages.

Our home

We live in a beautiful, 124 year old, Victorian home in a quaint town up North. We are within walking distance to downtown, including several parks, church, public schools, the children's museum, the public library, and many restaurants. Our home is large but very comfortable. We have a fenced in yard with room to run and play and a wrap around porch that is perfect for morning coffee, or evenings relaxing and connecting with friends and neighbors. We have discovered through our nephews and nieces that our home makes for a serious game of hide and seek!

Our traditions

Christmas is one of our favorite family holidays and it is a time filled with tradition. We cut down our own Christmas tree every year and decorate the house from top to bottom with fresh wreaths, pine cones, and Christmas decor that has been passed down from our families. Every year since the year we got engaged, we have given each other a special ornament to open and place on the Christmas tree as the last ornaments of the season. Our tree is now filled with those ornaments and many more from our years together. For us, Christmas is a time for reconnecting with family and friends and to reflect on our blessings in life. We are so excited to continue these holiday traditions and begin new ones with our future child.

Our hearts

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We can't imagine the feelings and emotions you may be experiencing now that you have learned more about us. Before you go, we want to offer a few promises to you that we commit with all of our hearts to keep!

As future parents, we commit to raising a child in a home filled with love, laughter, and security. There won't be a day that passes that they aren't showered in hugs and reminded just how much they are loved and cared for. They will know how blessed they are to have not one, but two families who have loved them from the day they were born. We will invite joy, always. Days will be filled with smiles and the reminder that a good laugh can heal almost anything. When days aren't so joyful; When they encounter life's challenges or fall down and scrape a knee, we will be there to kiss their cheek, wipe away the tears, and assure them that everything will be okay.

We will provide a family structure that allows them to safely explore who they are and who they want to be. They will be well educated and provided every opportunity to lead a happy, healthy and productive life. They will grow up knowing they can be and do anything they set their mind to, and they will always have our support. And...We commit to Summers at the lake, Winters drinking hot cocoa and building snowmen in the backyard, baking Christmas cookies for Santa, Birthday celebrations with family, friends and way too much ice cream, warm snuggles in bed on demand, and much love.

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