Aaron + Crystal

We have been married for 5 years now! We first met while working together in a clothing store called Steinmart. We got married in 2015 after Aaron proposed on the top of the Rockefeller Center in New York City! We love to travel. We have had the blessing of traveling to places like Paris, Dubai, London, and Venice. Aaron worked for an airline and that gave us the opportunity to travel for free! In the summertime we love to take trips to the beach and to theme parks. We also love doing things outdoors like going on walks, golfing, throwing a football around, and just having fun!

Why Adoption

We cannot fathom how difficult this situation is for you. We hope that you can be encouraged that there are people cheering you on and wishing you the best. We may have never met before, but we care for you and the journey that you are on. You are strong and brave. Our hope is that you always remember that. Adoption is something both of us were always interested in. We knew that we wanted to adopt at least one child at some point. We believe that now is the perfect time for us to expand our family through adoption. We have experienced miscarriage and lost a baby at 20 weeks. These experiences brought us closer together as a couple and helped us grow closer to God. We believe God is leading us to grow our family through adoption and we are so excited!

Crystal Introduces Aaron

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Aaron is a great husband and my best friend. I think he will be a great father! Throughout our relationship, he's shown how kind he is and his desire to help others. He is the first person to volunteer for something! He volunteered with 5th grade boys at his church and he's always been around for his nieces and nephew.

Aaron Introduces Crystal

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Crystal is a fun and energetic person. She loves to brighten up someone's day by cracking a joke or coming up with a fun game to play. She is also enjoys doing art projects or puzzles on the weekends. She is a really good painter. Crystal is just a very positive person that loves to live life to the fullest every day.

Our Home & Casper

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We have a three-bedroom house in a great community. Our neighborhood has a community playground, a pool, and lots of families with young kids. We think our child will have a lot of friends around! We look forward to going on walks, playing at the playground, and teaching our child to swim in our neighborhood.

We have a cat, and his name is Casper. We adopted Casper in May 2020 as a kitten. He is curious, energetic, talkative, and afraid of everything! He got his name because when we brought him home, he was so scared of everything! He's very affectionate and I'm sure he will get along really well with a child.

Our Families

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Both of our families live in other states, but we try to see them frequently. We are very close with Aaron's parents. We go see them at least 3 or 4 times a year and they come visit us about the same. We also go see Aaron's extended family all the time. We've taken his nieces and nephews on trips and spoil them when we can!

Crystals parents are divorced but we try to go see each of them a few times a year and her dad usually comes to see us for Thanksgiving.

All of our family are very supportive of our adoption. They all ask us about it all the time! They are excited for us to adopt and can't stop asking us how long it will take!

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