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Family is the most important part of our life. We have always longed for another child and for our son to have a sibling. After much thought and prayers, we decided to grow our family through adoption. We pray for you in making your decision and wish you clarity and peace.


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We are Aaron and Claudia and we want to thank you for taking the time to get to know us! We want you to know we have great respect and admiration in your considering adoption for your child. We would be honored to walk alongside you in this journey as you consider what adoption may look like for you and your baby. If we get the immense honor to parent your baby, we promise to cherish your baby with all our hearts.

Claudia was born in, Peru, lived in Brazil during early childhood, and then moved to Texas in middle school. She studied marketing and after graduating worked in the oil and gas industry for some time. Aaron was born and raised in Texas. He studied civil engineering and has been with the same company since graduating. After dating for some time, twelve years ago we got married and bought a house. Shortly after getting married, we got pregnant. After some complications with our son's delivery, we were unable to have more biological children. Thankfully, our son Thomas was born healthy. We are so blessed to have him in our lives. Claudia now stays at home with Thomas, and is able to attend Thomas's school activities, sport practices and being there when he gets home. Aaron likes to help coach baseball and basketball for Thomas's teams. Aaron's work allows for some flexibility to do many activities. He is always teaching and cheering Thomas in all that he does. He is a great husband and father.

Our Story

We met each other in college, at a university in Texas. We both love any outdoor activities, like the beach, hiking, and sports. Our first date was playing tennis together. We made sure to keep it fun as we tested out what would be the right amount of competition. While dating, we took a trip to Peru. This allowed Aaron to meet Claudia's extended family. We spent time with family and also traveled to Machu Pichu. The journey was by plane, train, automobile, bus, and then significant hike. You really get to know each other on a trip like this. The journey can be tough at times, but when it is together the sum of it all can be amazing. After dating for some time, we got married. This was twelve years ago. All our family and friends were in attendance and we vowed our love to one another and started another chapter in our lives. We are still head over heels for each other.

Why adoption

Family is the most important part of our life and we want nothing more than to grow our family. We gain great fulfillment by being a good example and teacher to our son by raising him to be happy, educated, and successful. We have first cousins who were unable to have biological children and became adoptive parents. We now have four second cousins who are adopted and we have seen how this can be a blessing to everyone involved. Over the past few years, the more we discussed and researched adoption, the more we became aware of how it touches so many lives.

Meet Claudia

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Claudia is trustworthy, patient, and loving. She has a kind heart and is a good person. She is direct and will tell you what is on her mind, but will also lend an understanding ear to what you want to say. Claudia is able to speak English, Spanish, and Portugese. Many of our neighbors have Claudia on speed dial if they need someone to watch their kids after school on short notice. She steps right in and helps others in need, even with something small. Because Claudia is a stay at home mom, she is able to help out at our son's school and attend the special events. With major decisions, Claudia takes her time to research and evaluate options. Above all Claudia is a loving person that keeps family first. She is selfless with her time, energy, and her passion is centered around family.

Meet Aaron

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Aaron is a hard worker, caretaker, and provider that is focused on family. Aaron does not like to do anything halfway, which he learned from his father and grandparents. Growing up visiting his grandparents on their farm gave Aaron some unique life experiences and strong work ethic. He spent his time building fences, gathering eggs from the chicken coop, shucking corn, penning cattle, and creek fishing. The incredible skills Aaron learned has allowed him to know how to fix things around our house and use a variety of tools. Aaron has a servants heart and enjoys teaching our son how to do many things, such as riding a bike, swimming and taking out the trash. Aaron also teaches Thomas life skills... how to be a good friend, how to study for school, changing an air filter, painting a bathroom and safely diving off the diving board.

Hi, I'm Thomas. It's nice to "meet" you!

Thomas is very active. He easily makes friends even though he can be shy at first. Thomas likes the outdoors, sports, and school. We introduced Thomas to school gradually with a short day preschool, which he did well with. When he was little he enjoyed lots of activities such as... library story time, Gymboree, tee-ball, soccer and swim lessons. He does well in school and likes history and PE the best. He is very good at math and often helps other classmates when asked by the teacher. Thomas is very caring and loves to play with his friends and cousins. He is learning how to care for and train our dog Chase, and we enjoy watching him take on a big responsibility like this!

Our Home

We live in a "master" planned community in Texas. We have been in our home for the last 12 years and love the beautiful park nearby. This park has miles of hiking and biking trails that we enjoy exploring. We are zoned to excellent schools which is what drew us to this area. Our 4 bedroom, 2-story house is on a quiet lot in the back of subdivision with very little traffic. We have a trampoline, basketball goal, and an upstairs game room. Our subdivision has its own park and pool with access to many more. We use the neighborhood pool frequently in the summer, which is much relief during a hot summer day!

Our Furry Friend

We have a 2 year old Bichon Friese dog named Chase. He is lovable and a fluffy "marshmallow". We did a family training class called "good doggie manners" to help teach him basic skills and Thomas helps greatly in reminding Chase of what he has learned. We believe Chase has been a good family pet and is a solid companion for us all.

Our Traditions

We love celebrating the holidays with our family and friends! Here are a few of the traditions that we hold dear:

For Easter, we go to Aaron's grandmother's farm and pick wildflowers. The kids make Easter nests from the flowers that we picked and then, we put candy on top of each nest that was made.

On the fourth of July we gather all the kids and make delicious homemade ice-cream. Then later in the evening, we go see the local fireworks.

We have three different Christmases each year. One at Aaron's parents, one at Claudia's parents, and also time with just our immediate family at our home. Christmas is very special to us. We enjoy seeing all of our family that we may not have been able to see throughout the year.

Another family tradition of ours is going to the church picnic near where Aaron's parents grew up. Aaron's grandparents even went to this Czech and German event when they were kids. It's special and unique that many generations of Aaron's family have gone. We always have a good time with ring toss, spin the wheel, a cake walk, polka music and bingo.

Things we enjoy

Our family has a fulfilling variety of life experiences gained through culture, upbringing, travel, education, and hobbies.

Claudia being born and having family in Peru and living in Brazil, and Aaron growing up with experiences in both the city and country provides unique life experiences that help us as a family understand diverse perspectives. Traveling to a variety of places also helps us see different ways of life, which we greatly admire.

Another thing we value is education. All of our siblings earned a college degree of some sort and we have several teachers in the family. We crave learning, history and getting our hands dirty as we explore the places we learn about. But it isn't all about learning for us, we also enjoy our hobbies and having fun as a family. Making memories is the most important thing for us!

Our Hearts

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We want you to know we have great respect and admiration for you. We can imagine this is a heavy time as you explore the options ahead of you. We pray that God will guide you in this difficult decision, whether you choose to parent or make an adoption plan. Know that whichever path your heart leads you to, we hope you find peace and comfort.

If you choose us to parent your baby, we have every intention of weaving your child's story throughout the conversations we have with them. It's so important to us that they know how unique their story is. We think it would be beneficial to you and your child to have some kind of relationship. We know that might vary based on different stages of life, but we hope to explore what is best for you and your child together. We promise we will love and devote our lives to raising your child the best we can.

Even though adoption is hard, we think it's also a wonderful thing that can have great benefit to all involved, especially the child. We hope to get to know you soon, but until then, we pray peace over you!

With admiration and love,

Claudia, Aaron, and Thomas

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